!! सहर्ष स्वागत !! हिंदमाता शिक्षण मंडळ, बोरगांव !!

Mohanrao Patangrao Patil International School, Borgaon

Hindmata Shikshan Mandal is one such pioneer in the field of education and introducing new vistas of education to rural students. We understand the needs and aspirations of every individual. English is required in many fields, professions and occupations and it will give an advantage in child’s future social, mental and financial prosperity. As per demand of parents and need of an hour, the management has started English Medium School in June 2015.

Core Values:

  1. Assembly, Warm up, National Anthem, Pledge, Shlok, Birthday Celebration

  2. Activity Room:
  3. Inclusion of hands-on activities to develop cognitive and psychomotor skill.

  4. Audio Visual Room:
  5. Use of powerful visual appeal with multi colored pictures, diagrams and Videos for each story and poem.

  6. Attractive Classrooms:
  7. There are different wall charts as per the syllabus. Well seating arrangement in each classroom.

  8. Play Ground:
  9. The School has huge playground, slides, see-saw, climbing, swings, ladder, merry-go-round, etc.

  10. Festival Celebration:
  11. By celebrating various festivals we cherish our culture.

  12. Parent Meeting:
  13. We arrange parents meeting on every Saturday.

  14. Monthly Test:
  15. Every month, there is a test to evaluate student’s development

  16. Trip:
  17. Our school arranges a trip for the edutainment of students.

  18. Daily Homework:
  19. Daily homework is given to students and it is checked properly.

  20. Extra Classes:
  21. We also conduct extra classes on Saturday for slow learners. We give personal attention towards students.

  22. CBSE Pattern:
  23. Our School syllabus is based on CBSE Pattern. It gives more importance to scientific methods.